Divorce Mediation FAQs

Divorce mediation is an inexpensive and peaceful alternative to a traditional litigated divorce.

What is Divorce Mediation?

Divorce mediation is the process of bringing about a peaceful settlement or compromise between the couple through the objective intervention of an experienced impartial third party. The impartial third party, or divorce mediator, interacts closely with both parties to work out a legally binding agreement based on both parties’ needs and desires.

Why Should I use Divorce Mediation Instead of Traditional Divorce Procedures?

Divorce mediation is a peaceful, less expensive alternative to the traditional, costly, bitter, adversarial divorce process. Divorcing through the divorce mediation process will not only save you time, but it will save you money and greatly reduce emotional distress.

How Much Does Divorce Mediation Cost?

Divorce mediation costs much less than traditional litigation. Although some divorce mediation firms in New Jersey charge up-front retainer fees for divorce mediation services, our divorce mediator, Steven Menack , ESQ. charges absolutely no retainer fees for divorce mediation.  Instead, through our divorce mediation firm, you simply pay our very reasonable rates as you go.

How Long Does a Divorce Take Using the Divorce Mediation Process?

The divorce mediation process depends on you. You can proceed as quickly or as slowly as you desire. Standard divorces using divorce mediation can take as few as 2-3 months or less, while traditional divorces often take a year or longer to finalize.


How do I Choose a Divorce Mediator?

Experienced divorce mediators have completed at least 500 divorce mediations from start to finish. When looking for a divorce mediator, check his/her credentials and ask how many divorce mediations they have completed. Mr. Menack has successfully helped over 5,000 satisfied mediation clients over the last 25 years.

What if I Change my Mind About Divorce Mediation?

Choosing divorce mediation does not mean that you give up your right to go to court.  If you decide that divorce mediation is not right for your situation or if you are not completely pleased with the divorce mediation process, you can stop at any time, retain a separate attorney and proceed with the traditional litigation process, where a judge decides the outcome of your divorce.


How will Divorce Mediation Affect my Children?

Divorce mediation will greatly benefit your children as it helps prevent heated custody battles, easing your children’s distress. Throughout the divorce mediation process you help decide what is best for your children including custody, child support, visitation and other parenting concerns. In addition, it gives your children the opportunity to see their parents are still able to work together to make important decisions.


NJ Divorce Mediator

No matter how you look at it, a divorce is painful. During this time, emotions can run high, and disputes over assets and custody are common. Steven B. Menack, ESQ can help you manage the situation expertly with his calming disposition.

NJ Divorce Lawyer

By using an attorney mediator, you can avoid bitter, stressful, expensive and lengthy adversarial proceedings. Steven Menack ESQ is admired as a highly respected mediator who has successfully mediated for 1000’s of couples over 30 years.


Legal Separation NJ

By choosing a highly qualified NJ Separation mediator like Steven Menack, ESQ you can settle things amicably and protect yourself and your family from unnecessary anxiety. Mr. Menack’s mediation skills have been applauded graciously.

Marital Separation NJ

Mediation for NJ Marital Separation by Steven Menack, ESQ is an amicable, cost-effective, efficient alternative designed to avoid a costly litigated divorce using two attorneys locked in adversary public proceedings.

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