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NJ Divorce & Separation Mediation Options

Save time. Save money. Save yourselves & your children from the stress of a litigated divorce.

Steven B. Menack Esq., APM

Steven B. Menack Esq., APM is a highly experienced, fully accredited NJ divorce mediator and divorce attorney who was educated and trained at both Harvard University and Columbia Law School. He has a further background in psychology, financial planning, business and tax issues. Mr. Menack provides specialized divorce mediation and legal separation services throughout New Jersey and neighboring states and has successfully assisted thousands of divorce mediation clients over his decades of professional practice.

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Steven B. Menack

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Convenient Offices Throughout NJ

We have many convenient offices throughout New Jersey and the Tri-State Area. Mr. Menack can also meet with clients in the privacy of their own homes whenever appropriate or preferable.

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Amicable Cost Effective Alternative

Our NJ divorce mediation and separation mediation services are an amicable, cost-effective alternative designed to avoid the traditional costly litigated divorce using two attorneys locked in adversarial public proceedings. Keeping your own divorce or separation as peaceful and stress-free as possible will not only benefit you, but will be particularly beneficial to your children and other relatives who care about you.

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