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Additionally, Mr. Menack has taught divorce mediation and separation mediation to hundreds of other attorneys, mental health practitioners, financial planners and accountants.

Divorce Mediation / Divorce Arbitration: The Hybrid ADR Device By Steven Boyd Menack, Esq., APM
August 14, 1995 New Jersey Law Journal

While the referral of cases to both arbitration and mediation is expected to continue, and indeed to grow, there exists today a relatively little-known hybrid process that combines the best attributes of mediation and arbitration, and that promises to become a new giant within the field of alternative dispute resolution. That process is mediation / arbitration.

Where Divorce Mediation Fits In a Litigation Practice:  By Steven Boyd Menack, Esq., APM
December 6, 1993 New Jersey Law Journal

As increasing numbers of individuals and institutional clients become familiar with alternative dispute resolution as a way of resolving an ever-wider array of disputes outside of the traditional adversary process, lawyers throughout New Jersey are finding themselves fielding tougher questions from prospective clients.


Some Lawyers Urge More Use of Divorce Mediation Option: By Maddy Sauer
August 6, 1998 Hunterdon County Democrat

Divorce can be a long, painful, costly, and adversarial process. Many emerge from the system financially and emotionally drained.  Some in the state are working to make divorce a less expensive and less adversarial process via divorce mediation. According to professional divorce mediators, the differences can be tremendous.


NJ Divorce Mediator

No matter how you look at it, a divorce is painful. During this time, emotions can run high, and disputes over assets and custody are common. Steven B. Menack, ESQ can help you manage the situation expertly with his calming disposition.

NJ Divorce Lawyer

By using an attorney mediator, you can avoid bitter, stressful, expensive and lengthy adversarial proceedings. Steven Menack ESQ is admired as a highly respected mediator who has successfully mediated for 1000’s of couples over 30 years.


Legal Separation NJ

By choosing a highly qualified NJ Separation mediator like Steven Menack, ESQ you can settle things amicably and protect yourself and your family from unnecessary anxiety. Mr. Menack’s mediation skills have been applauded graciously.

Marital Mediation NJ

Mediation for NJ Marital Separation by Steven Menack, ESQ is an amicable, cost-effective, efficient alternative designed to avoid a costly litigated divorce using two attorneys locked in adversary public proceedings.

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